From August 8-12, 1988, the Center convened a ground-breaking conference at Columbia University which brought together composers from both Taiwan and mainland China, ending an estrangement of almost 40 years. 

Ten composers from mainland China and ten composers from Taiwan discussed issues of mutual interest and concern: the relationship between East and West in musical creation, tradition and innovation, technique and content, national traits and characteristics of various eras. Center Director Chou Wen-chung served as the moderator for the conference. 

Conference participants and guests in New York City
Conference participants and guests in New York City


  • Wu Zuqiang, Secretary General, China Federation of Literary and Arts Circles, and President, Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing
  • Ying Ruo-cheng, Vice Minister of Culture; actor, Last Emperor of China and Willy Loman in Chinese production of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman
  • Hsu Tsang-houei, Chairman, Chinese Composers’ League, Taiwan
  • Ma Shui-long, Dean, Academic Affairs; Professor of Composition, National Institute of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Hsu Po-yun, President, New Aspects Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

Participants from mainland China

  • Luo Zhongrong
  • Tian Feng
  • Ding Shande
  • Wang Lisan
  • Qu Xiaosong
  • Zhao Xiaosheng
  • He Xuntian
  • Chen Yi
  • Tan Dun

Participants from Taiwan

  • Shen Ching-tan
  • Wen Loong-hsing
  • Pan Hwang-long
  • Tzeng Shing-kwei
  • Ch’ien Nan-chang
  • Lu Yen
  • Lee T’ai-hsiang